Clint Johnson Retrievers
Training Center

Great Retrievers Make Legends!

Sportdog Team of The Year Winners


Clint Johnson is a professional retriever trainer and
handler.  Working with retrievers is his passion.  His
dream has always been to work with retrievers.  He
now has enjoyed working with retrievers for over  
twenty years.  
Training retrievers for hunting or competition.  He
loves to hunt...hangs out with some extreme hunters,
so he can cater his training to your individual hunting
needs.  He is a great competitor and loves his work.

Living a dream!  
Clint trains for all types of waterfowl & upland hunting
situations, as well as AKC & UKC hunt tests, trials, and
major competitions such as the Super Retriever Series
and the World Retriever Championships.

Making legends in the field is what he does best.

His family helps train, compete and work in the world
of retrievers right along beside him.
He keeps a team of trainers working with the best
techniques to help advance your retrievers.

If you take a look at his list of championships, titles,     
awards, trophies and all of the other accomplishments,
you can see that Clint is
doing just that.  Living his dream.

Clint has an amazing amount of knowledge and
experience working with hunting retrievers.  The next
time your looking for a good retriever pup, trained dog
to pick up your ducks, or need help with training or
handling, call Clint.

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Super Retriever Series website.
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Super Retriever Series site!

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Clint Johnson and Savannah running the
Super Retriever Series Crown
Championship 2005.and 2006